Freaking Out

In the best way possible.

If I’m freaking out to the point where I don’t even want to glance at my computer, it can only mean one thing– yet another one of the Office of Letters and Light’s competetions.

I did Camp NaNo July, and I finished on the 28th. Well, no that’s not right. I made goal on the 28th. I finished on the 30th.

But, because I am clinically insane, I’ve decided (mostly against my wishes) that I will participate in Camp NaNo August, as well.

You just can’t say no to Melly, Moon, Tassel, and Kit. It’s impossible.

In July, I wrote about a lot of death, basically. So for August, I’ve decided on a nice, feel-good novel about something like finding romance.

I had it completely planned out and everything. It was perfect. Very sappy, and very cliche, but it was good. A nice break from Donovan, it’s time to diiiiiiie! *evil laughter*

But then, it was ruined for me. Why, you ask? Because when the NaNo site asked for my title, I wrote “Burn” on impulse.


So now, I feel like I have to have to write a novel about a guy whose Mother was hit by a car and put into a coma while he attacks the city that he lives in via arson.

How I got all this just from the title “Burn”, I will never know.

Kay. Gonna go see how much planning I can get done in the next five hours.

Love ya much (:



4 comments on “Freaking Out

  1. It IS impossible. <3 I'm very glad you recognize that. XD

  2. Very nice, very nice indeed. You’re gonna let me read it, right?

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