Misssssss Yoooou


I’m not even gone yet. But I know that on the 7th, I’ll be missing you guys sooooooooooo much. I mean, it’s the day before I leave, and I already miss you guys :'(

But I bet that I’m also going to have an amazing time at camp…


Leadership Camp is pretty fun. I love it there. I wish I didn’t have to go, but it is a really nice experiance. I get to see people from all around my state. It’s nice, really. Even though I won’t have my computer and I won’t have any way to keep track of my writing other than good old fashioned pen and paper.

I can so do this. I’ll just plan a hole bunch. Should be fun, considering the fact that I need to still figure out how to introduce the arsonist that still hasn’t made an appearance 11k into the story. This’ll be fine.

I’ll be back tomorrrrrow, so expect a full update on how it went.

Lots of x’s and lots of o’s. (:



2 comments on “Misssssss Yoooou

  1. Curse you, Skittles! Why do you always abandon uss!!!!

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