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Coffee is Just…. What the Heck. >>”

So. I have just realized that I am a lot stranger than I originally thought.

It’s 10:03 p.m. PST, and I am tired. Which, in itself, is weird.

I did 2 30min1ks, and one 500-word ten-minute war. All because of Grandpa Lectin-Sensei. That guy. Is amazing. He works miracles. No joke.

Also, I have not posted here in…. a long time. I WILL CHANGE THAT. I’ve just been.. busy. >>”

((a.k.a., had nothing to say)).

ANYWAY. This post really isn’t very good. I’ll just make it better by posting my favorite verse in any Mayday Parade song ever.


Then you dropped the note/and we changed key/ you changed yourself and I’ll change me/ I really didn’t see us singing through this/ and you screamed bridge and I cried the verse/ and our chorus came out unrehearsed/ and you smiled the whole way through it/ I guess maybe that’s what’s worse


~If You Wanted a Song Written About You You Could Have Just Asked by Mayday Parade


Coffee is going to bed. Night all <3


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