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Vampires! -insert creepy music here-

So. Within the last few days, I have heard just about the most insane story in the history of insane stories.

And it’s all 100% true. Which creeps me out even more.

This is all set in Galveston, Texas, on August 13th of this year. So, like, three days ago.

So, apparently, this guy, Lyle Bensley, age 19, broke into a woman’s apartment and began to hiss and growl at her, then bit her neck. -___- The woman managed to get away as Bensley was dragging her down the hall. Bensley was arrested a little while later (And for some reason, he was in his boxers? O_O).

As he was being arrested, he told the police that he was, and I quote, a “vampire”. *cough lunatic cough cough*

According to one of the articles, the police officer who ordered the arrest, Officer Adrian Healy, said “He was adamant on the fact that he was a vampire and he had been here for 500 years. Stated numerous times that he was not here to hurt the human race.”

Oh yeah, and Bensley was drinking on the night of the attack. *explains a bit*

My opinion on the entire ordeal?

The guy is crazy. But, hey, he honestly believes that he’s a vampire. Power to him.

I just don’t believe him. O_O

What do you think?

~~Coffee <3

*other articles on this:





One comment on “Vampires! -insert creepy music here-

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