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I feel all blehh-y today.

Maybe it’s because all I did yesterday was watch fifteen episodes of Grey’s Anatomy in a dark room all by myself. And today, all I’ve done is play L. A. Noire in my living room in a pair of sweats and a Death Note tee shirt (Death Note is the best. I love it. Watch it. It’s amazing. <3 )

Yeah, I need a life.

But that’s okay.

Camp NaNo is going to be a fail if I don’t write a little bit. But that’s also okay.

I’m sitting at a good 37k, and I have less than 7 days to write 13k. Which would normally not be a problem. But my story is at a standstill and I’m afraid that it doesn’t have the potential to even become a full novel. Maybe a novella. I think I’ll have to end it within the next 7-ish k, so my goal will stay about 45k, instead of 50. Unless I add a really long afterwards…

Seriously considering it at this point.

Will post again tomorrow… if I have anything to say <3

Coffee loves you all! <3


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