See, when I wrote that last blog post, I thought that I had 37k.

Turns out, I have 33k. Niiiice. That means I have to pull a 17k finish in the next six days. And it doesn’t help that I have to be at school tomorrow from 8:30 until 3:30. And then I have a list full of other things that need done. And I have people at my house.

But, nevertheless, I have come to a descision, thanks to the lovely Kt.

I’m going to write, but I no longer have a goal; I’m just writing, for the sake of writing. Plus, my “novel” is more like a novella anyway.

Thankfully, my Camp NaNo summer experiance wasn’t wasted. I got one completed draft in July, and I have a novella to finish.

Wish me luck <3


2 comments on “MISTAKES.

  1. Aw I was going to invite you to an all-nighter tonight but I’m doubting you want to stay up all night with all that going on tomorrow :) Anyway, good luck with writing for writings sake!

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