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School and Stuff <3

I’m going back to school. Tomorrow, actually.

That’s right. School. The place where everything is shiny and smells like gym socks and where you can’t wait to be until you actually get there, and then all you want is to run away screaming.

What does this mean, to me?

This means that it’s time to focus on the school work. And more time with people that I generally like. And adjusting to entirely new teachers. And (hopefully) some new friends.

And it means that there’s less and less free time in a day. Which is alright. But when you have a blog to maintain as well as a billion and one side projects to take care of, on top of school work and other personal goals, it can get pretty chaotic.

Ah, school.

I don’t hate it. I actually like it, believe it or not (and many choose not to believe it). I love it.

It’s not just that knowledge is power, and lame things like that. It’s more than just learning.

I’m not as sociopathic as you think. And school is the reason I have a life outside of this blog.

Fee’s going to bed. She needs her rest. She doesn’t know why she’s suddenly switched into talking in the third person.

Night all.



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