Short Story Sundays Upcoming!

That’s right. Short Story Sundays. See what I did there? That, dear children, is called alliteration. And you say that you don’t learn anything from reading terrible blogs.


ANYWAY. I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately. Blogs that are significantly more advanced and a great deal better than mine. And what do all of these blogs have?

Music Mondays ( ofmyinsanity.wordpress.com ) Poetry *some day of the week that I can’t remember*. Things like that.


Short story Sundays will from now on come into play. Maybe not every Sunday. But twice a month?


Input appreciated! <3



2 comments on “Short Story Sundays Upcoming!

  1. Music Monday, you say? Why, that sounds preposterous! Who wants to listen to music on a Monday? I’d rather listen to music on a Wednesday, wouldn’t you?

  2. :D Oh, definitely. But let us, instead, call it Music Monday but never, ever post it on Monday- only Wednesdays and Fridays work for us. (:

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