TI-84 Calculators… The Door to the Outside World

At least, that’s what my Algebra teacher seems to believe.

Ah, school. It was.. It was nice. Freaking awesome. Love my teachers. And it was good to see all the people that I’d missed during the summer.

This blogger isn’t as sociopathic as she seems.

Well, she is during the summer. Other times? Yeah, not so much.

But I have a strong feeling that this year will be good. I’ve got tons of new people to meet, which is good because some (and I say SOME, not ALL) of the people that I’ve been around lately aren’t all that great.

This year will be free of all the drama that teenage girls seem so fond of. Free from drama and distractions. Just me, my writing, my blog, Milwordy, and my school work. And some hanging out time, of course.

Yeah, I’ll be busy. But I know what I promised. Mondays and Fridays. And probably weekends.

I’d also like to take this moment to give me credit. Because I rock.

Milwordy is going to be epic. Because I’m going to do it. In fact, I just heard about it yesterday. And I say, bring it on. I can handle it.


For those of you who don’t know, Milwordy is a year-long challenge in which you write one million words in the course of 365 days. And yes. I will rock it. Bring it on.


Love you all!



5 comments on “TI-84 Calculators… The Door to the Outside World

  1. Milwordy? That’s, like, 3k a day!

  2. Yay! Milwordy is gonna be awesome!

  3. Go for it Coffee! Moon believes in you! =D

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