A Disclaimer.

Yes, this disclaimer is for the upcoming Short Story Sunday.

So, here it goes:

The author does not claim to be the greatest at writing short stories. In fact, she knows that at the moment, her short stories are terribly dull and at times a bit condescending. This is precisely the reason that she is writing these crappy works of fiction. To get better.

With that in mind, she does ask for constructive criticism to make her writing more… appealing to the general audience of these blogs.

But comments must be written in a polite or civil tone. Any comments that tell me that I suck (Which I do, at the moment. But it will change) will be deleted.

But comments that are helpful and polite would be greatly appreciated.


And I’ll post a *real* post later… maybe…

~Fee <3


2 comments on “A Disclaimer.

  1. Rule number 1 of sharing your writing: NEVER APOLOGIZE AND NEVER INSULT YOURSELF.

    Is there room for improvement? Always.

    But you’ll be fantastic, and continue to get more fantastic the more you practice.

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