Multiple Posts a Day

Here are my thoughts on multiple posts a day:
Well, if you’ve been paying attention, this is my third post of the day, I don’t mind them. The way I see it, I don’t have much time during the week to post, so if I want to give me readers some extra love during my free time or the weekend, then I figure, so be it.
It’s not like I’ve been giving you long ones or anything… they aren’t more than 200 words, tops.
And as we approach *that* topic, I know that a lot of my posts are short… usually, I don’t have the energy to write 400 words/don’t have anything more to say/don’t want to spend two hours on a single post.
What are you guy’s (guys? Guyses?) thoughts on short posts and multiple posts a day?
Also, I’d like to point out that I am writing this post from one of the seats on a bus, from my phone, after spending two hours at the mall.
How sick is that? (:
Love you much (:


7 comments on “Multiple Posts a Day

  1. *whispers* Fourth post today ;) I don’t care, personally. If you’re worried about it, doesn’t wordpress have the option to delay posts (where it would show up say tuesday when you don’t have time to write one).

    Just a thought/interjection

  2. Guys’ ** =]
    You’re pluralizing “guy,” making it “guys,” and then adding a possessive apostrophe “s”. But since “guys” ends in “s”, you don’t need the second “s”. Just the apostrophe.

    So. “Guys’.”

  3. Kit MacConnell said what I was going to say about that, it is guys’

    Anyways, I like multiple posts! And most of your posts really :)

  4. Always good to hear from you, love! <3

  5. So it’s guys’ and multiple posts are alright. OKAY!

  6. If I could, I would post several times a day

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