Why Writers Are So Freaking Awesome.

I just edited a story. In fact, it was the first chapter of The Never Ending Story, which should go up on Sunday. BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT. The point is, I just edited a story. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. And the only reason I was able to finally understand the secrets behind editing was because I have awesome Writer Friends. I love them. So. Freaking. Much.

In this instance, it was Kit, Rei, and Ike <3 You’re the best.

But! This prompted me to write about why writers are so freaking awesome. In fact, I’m going to make a list.

Why Writers Are So Freaking Awesome:

  • You can talk to them about Nerdfightaria without getting those strange looks that you get from normal people.
  • They have the power to KILL A PERSON WITHOUT GOING TO JAIL. Seriously, we do that. If you’re bugging me, I will take out my most recent work. And I will write your death. It’s kind of distrubing. But I’m a writer. Get over it.
  • They have the ability to take up entire worlds. I mean. Dude. WE CREATE ENTIRE WORLDS. We’re like… We’re like Gods! Seriously. Dude. Just. That’s so freaking awesome. You don’t even know.
  • They watch shows that no one else has ever heard of. Like Doctor Who (For writers outside of the UK). And stuff. Yeah.
  • They are completely random and yet, they always end up making perfect sense.
  • They’re always there for their fellow writers.
  • They know the most random, amazing facts. For instatance: That billy goats urinate on their heads to attract females.
  • They write. Like, a lot. A lot of people don’t realize how amazing this is. BUT ITS AMAZING.

There are a lot more. But a creeper is reading over my shoulder, so I’m off.

Fee loves you<3


9 comments on “Why Writers Are So Freaking Awesome.


  2. this is what they ment about blog..oh lmao..LOVE!!!!!

  3. We’re pretty great eh?

  4. You are fantastic. Just saying. Never thought of it that way– NOT ONLY CAN I BE GOD, BUT… I can be a serial killer too! And nobody can send me off to Bedlam or anything.

    Also, awesome facts are awesome. Did you know that hippopotamus milk is pink?

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