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You can’t do that! That’s…

Hm. Mmmhm. Right. No, no, I understand. Yes. Mhmm. Okay.

No, yes, I agree, I mean…

Yes, sir. I didn’t mean to disrespect-
Sorry, sir.

^^This. Is not a real conversation.

In fact, that is just about the dumbest conversation that you can have.
But conversations are important. In fiction writing, I mean. They’re kind of my favorite part about novels. I mean, you can tell so much about the characters from the way they interact with other characters. They can be the nicest person ever when there’s a long monologue or you’re planning, but until you have that character actually speak and interact with another character, you won’t really know who that character is.
So, moral of the story? Have good dialogue.
I’ll post something longer later, but I thought I’d come by and drop some knowledge bombs before I headed of to school.


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