A Drive-By Knowledge Bomb

My wood shop teacher dropped a serious knowledge bomb yesterday.

We were discussing reasons to brainstorm when working on a project. Some people were reluctant to brainstorm, and some had already had their ideas, but he said that it was seriously important.

Because, as he put it, “Your brain is filled with stupid. There’s layers and layers and layers of stupid in your brain. So you have to give yourself fifteen minutes and a couple sheets of paper, and you have to write down every idea that pops into your mind. Even the ones that suck. Because you have to empty out all that stupid and maybe something halfway decent will trickle out. And you’ll be like, ‘WHOA WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? THAT’S ACTUALLY KIND OF GOOD.’ And the only reason you’ll have that halfway decent idea is because you emptied out all the stupid.”

His words, not mine.

So. Moral of the story? Empty out the stupid.

Fee loves you<3


2 comments on “A Drive-By Knowledge Bomb

  1. I love Mr. Wood. Which I only know realize is the most ironic Wood Shop teacher Name evvvvvver. But yeah. He was the reason I got into the vlogbrothers. John Green always freakishy reminded me of him.

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