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The Never Ending War (What to Expect)

The Never Ending War is a project that I started working on a few weeks ago, although I only recently started actually writing it. Like, two days ago.
Right now, I’ve written the first chapter. Like I mentioned in my last post, a few of my amazing writer friends and I were able to edit it together on Pirate Pad. Which was fun, as they had some really helpful things to say and I thank them for it <3
Just so you, my amazingly awesome reader, have some general idea of what the story is about, I decided that I’d write this, to give you the basic run-down.
Plus, I had nothing better to do.
So, here it goes!
One day, a few weeks ago, I woke up and I said to myself, “Self, you’ve got to start a new project.”
To which I replied, “Oh yeah? And what exactly will this project be about?”
And myself said to me, “The Never Ending Wars, of course. And your WWAW family. Dur, kid.”
I shook my head, but the idea stuck with me, and eventually I started “planning” — which is, for me, thinking it about every once in a while, but not making any real progress with it.
But then, my good friend Lectin told me that I needed to start writing. And when Lec says something about writing, you listen.
And so, the readers of this blog are in for a treat! The first chapter will be put up this Sunday, and chapters will continue to be put up every other Sunday (the other Sundays will be dedicated to Short Story Sundays).
Hope you guys like it when it goes up(: I worked really hard on it, and I think it shows how far I’ve come as a writer, and how I’ll continue to grow.
Thanks for everything, guys <3
Lots and lots of hugs and such (unless you’re not the huggy type, and in that kind of case, lots and lots of hand shakes),
Coffee Beans <3


One comment on “The Never Ending War (What to Expect)

  1. I feel like such an awesome grandfather right now, sweetie. ^^

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