[The Never Ending War] Chapter 1:: Coffee Thinks (boring, I know).

The day of the first battle of the first war was the day that time had ceased to exist, at least for those of Royal Blood.We became ageless monsters as the commoners watched us in wonder. Some worshipped the Royals as Gods– but I thought myself to be a demon, tossed aside by a higher power disgusted by his own creation.

I am the evil now.

The Queen Coffee could vividly remember the war that she’d always known that she’d begun.

As she looked into the single mirror in her vast chambers, she realized that  had been 197 years.

Almost 200 years had passed since the first day of the first battle, and still, she looked just as young and beautiful as the day that the first blow was struck.

She had only been twenty. A child by all definitions of the word.


A vicious storm broke out that night. Storms were rare enough in my corner of the globe, and I had not seen one since the night my parents were killed. Bad weather such as that tended to be a harbinger of  catastrophic events in my life.

Lightning flashed outside of my window as my chambermaid dressed me for bed.

My rooms were as solitary as they were grand. That was what it meant to be Queen, wasn’t it? To always be adorned in the finest silk, to have robes made purely of the skin of elephant, and rooms decorated only be the finest that my kingdom had to offer.Mother had raised me to be the best, and I tend to never disappoint.

Mother. How I missed her. The accident that had taken my parents away from me the year before replayed before my eyes, the pain digging sharply into my chest. I gritted my teeth, damning the fates that had stolen both my parents from me.

Brushing off these unpleasant thoughts, I leaned out the window, watching the lightning that had so terrified me moments before. I swatted aside the chambermaid’s hands, hands  that would moments later be tightening around my throat.

Adrenaline slammed through my veins as a stifled scream managed to escape my throat, not loud enough for any other than myself and my attacker to hear. The woman’s claws dug into my neck and my vision began to cloud over.

My last thought as I began to pass out was that the girl could never have planned this out herself. She seemed the slow type, and it had been a rather clever disguise. New maids were coming and going all the time, and it was hard for the guards to keep track of who was really a maid, and who was only pretending to be.

As Queen of a rather large country, the list of my enemies was quite lengthy. Still, one name in particular popped into my head during that heated moment: Queen Kit.

That accursed queen and her court of barbarians had been feuding with my kingdom for generations, and war seemed inevitable. But, being young and naïve, I had never fully entertained the thought and never learned to defend myself.

I keenly regretted that rash decision as I clawed at the hands about my neck, trying desperately to escape the girl’s hold. Kit, the Barbarian Queen, was the one that had sent this woman to me.

That, I was sure of.


It had been the abduction that had spawned all of the others.

There were many kidnappings, but somehow, Queen Coffee had always managed to escape. She’d never seen any clear reasoning for keeping her alive, but somehow, she’d never brushed too closely with death.

She would only pass out for hours, and awake, home and unharmed, on the steps of her castle, to a panicking advisory board and quietly silenced staff.

Coffee had gone through many different reasons for her many escapes in her head. Maybe the Queen Kit, if one could sanely call her that, wasn’t strong enough to subdue Queen Coffee. Maybe she needed her alive, but for what reason, she could not be sure of.

But sometimes a strange thought crossed her mind- maybe she couldn’t be killed. All of those with Royal Blood were still young and healthy. For people who’d lived 200 years and could still do cart wheels, Immortality couldn’t possibly be that far of a stretch.

As the years wore on between that first attack and the present day, the attacks steadily became more and more violent. More blood was shed and more lives were lost.

The people of Coffee’s kingdom found ways to adapt to this war-bombarded way of life, and even found ways to be happy during it, but she could not. They’d all grown up with the wars surrounding them. But twenty of her two hundred years of life were spent in peace, and she could not allow her people to suffer. She knew not how to end these wars, but end them she knew that she must.

Because if she didn’t, no others would dare.

These are the wars where no side will ever win, where none dare surrender, where only the lives of the Royals are preserved. These are the never ending wars.

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12 comments on “[The Never Ending War] Chapter 1:: Coffee Thinks (boring, I know).

  1. Oh god Melly the Robot Queen–just the sentence makes me giggle. I love the chapter, you’ve done fantastically Feeboo.

  2. I love it! Can’t wait for the next chapter.

    Your writing style is fantastic, btw. When does the Guild show up? *excited*

  3. I do love it. Sorry i could help work on it though, although there isn’t much that i would chanhe. I like the description, although it does drag on a bit. i was held to the page and that was really nice. Can’t wait for more.

    • Thank you(: You have no idea how much I appreciate that, Fish. But, HA . You should have seen this before Ice, Rei, Iker, Lec, and everyone else edited it. It was BAD.
      (: But thank you. Very much.

  4. OHHH I like it. I like it, very very much. This is so exciting. *Jumps up and down in my seat*… must stop doing that… people are starting to stare….

  5. Kadence.
    Gah, holy crap this is beautiful, I’m literally chokeing back sobs of pure joy I feel after reading this.
    Here I am, writeing some stupid drabble, when I read this and I’m all like, oops geuss its time to stop writing forever. Let me just go and throw this junk writing of mine right away. Plop! Right in the trash it goes.
    Its authors like you that make my writing look like a pile of jumbled up letters that’s just spewing out complete garbage, while your writing is like “oh, don’t mind me, I’m just gonna sit here all nice and neat, with all these backstories and and look! I have an actual PLOT.”
    All the words in the world couldn’t explain the pure love I have for this.
    No, I’m not overexagerating, why would you say that.
    Yes, I mean everything I just typed.

    I’m just gonna say this again if you don’t mind. I. LOVE. THIS.STORY.AND.I.LOVE.YOU.YOU.WONDERFUL.WONDERFUL.HUMAN BEING.
    Ok I’m done being a total spaz and sorry for such a long comment. I tend to do that a lot.
    Write long comments that is.
    P.s. I draw fanart for good stories I’m just saying…

    Love, maple. (A.K.A. Katlynn)

    • KATLYNN DON’Y YOU DARE THROW AWAY YOUR WRITING! I’ve been doing this for a long time! And I spent, like, four hours editing it. DON’T YOU DARE THROW IT AWAY.

      And I’m completely, utterly, majorly in love with you for complimenting me like you did<3 I. LOVE. YOU. TOO.


  6. This is really epic, Skittles! (You can tell I’m from NaNo, huh?)
    Great job! Can’t wait to read the rest!

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