Just Me Thinking Out Loud Here…

I’m beginning to write the second chapter of The Never Ending War (And I know, I know, I should have started writing it already, but I mean… I’ve been planning it in my mind, so that’s good enough).

Anyway, while I put aside my writing so that I can work out the bugs, I decided that this blog was in need of a post. A dire need of a post.

My English teacher is very cool. I love her. She’s like… I mean… She was playing Never Shout Never during class today.

Yeah. Gosh, she’s cool(x

Also. Algebra is hard. But I’m powering through. It helps that my teacher gives tests to the entire group and not just the individual. It’s not cheating! It’s “learning on the shoulders of Giants”. <3

Although, I work better alone. *puts on shades*

AND I AM EXCITED. Because I get to go see The Lion King in 3-D! In a couple of hours, actually. :D

And… That’s really it for today. Hopefully, something even better will be up in the morning? Or possibly late at night. Depending on… Well, depending on how I’m feeling. xP

Fee Loves Ya<3


5 comments on “Just Me Thinking Out Loud Here…

  1. I’m very cautious about this so called 3D. It seems like a travesty to me. Movies aren’t supposed to be three-dimensional; and, if they’re good movies, it’s not necessary for the characters to jump out at you to be more entertaining.
    I mean, look at Godard’s Breathless. Was it movie in 3D? No. Did you feel like you were there with Poiccard? Yes. Why? Because the film was masterfully told.
    So, I guess, what I’m trying to get at is that it’s not the size of the film. 35mm, 70mm, IMAX, or 3D–these things matter not. It’s the way you use what you have.
    For example: you know Christopher Nolan’s Inception, the movie that deserved the Academy Award for Best Picture? It was shot primarily on 35mm with some shots in the 65mm format and others in VistaVision. Yet it is still awesome.
    Also, that was a bit more technical than I intended it to be. Oh well.

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