A Very Nerdy Post(:

Actually, it’s not that nerdy.

It just shows my unhealthy love of anime. O_O

I’m using this so I can note on ambition. It’s an example.

So, when you watch anything (but especially in anime), a character needs ambition, or else the character doesn’t really count as a character. Take Full Metal Alchemist, for example. Edward Elric? He’s trying to get his brother’s body back, and possibly his own. And Roy Mustang? He’s trying to become the big man on campus, so to speak.

I mean, that entire show is about people who had serious goals set for themselves, and then they set out to accomplish it.

And yeah. That’s why characters are characters, right?

But then, I was thinking about some people, like real life people, who have no ambition at all. They don’t want to do anything with their lives, don’t want to be great.

I do, though. I can’t imagine that for me, but if they’re content with themselves, then that’s fine. Whatever floats your boat. But me… I just couldn’t. Maybe it’s because I make characters who have defined ambitions, and I make a point to be like some of my characters (not all of them– just some of their traits). Or maybe I’m just different from them. But whatever.

My point was, characters need ambition. Real people don’t always need ambition, but characters need ambition. It’s essential to plots.

And, yeah. I don’t really have anything to say. This has been very repetitive. But I cannot stand having to read about characters that don’t know what they want in life.

Maybe some of you are different. Thoughts?


4 comments on “A Very Nerdy Post(:

  1. See, I would comment on the ambition thing, but I was too busy fangirling on FMA.

  2. In my humble opinion, I think it’s more about how much people decide to show their ambitions rather than what they are, or how strong.

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