Right now, my biggest challenge is that I DONT KNOW WHAT TO POST.

According to an unnamed friend of mine*CoughLectinCoughCough*, my blog is so… “slice of life”. And I’m so okay with that. The old subheading was “Insanity. Writing. Life<3”. I mean, it was meant to be slice of life.

But there’s no slice of my life that’s interesting at the moment.

I suppose I should worry less about this perticular blog post and more about actually writing the second chapter of The Never Ending War… And I’m going to say something that I hate, but I honestly don’t feel like it. I’m trying to watch Hell’s Kitchen. I think Will is going to win. I like him. But I liked Tommy more. I dunno. I don’t think Paul should win.


I think that I’ll talk about what I’m planning on this second chapter. First, I’ve changed the point of view from first person (with switching perspectives) to third person omnicient.

So yeah, if you go back to the First Chapter, then all of the I’s and We’s will be changed.

I think that this chapter is primarily from the POV of Melly the Robot Queen. But I don’t know what’s going to happen.

Which sucks because that’ll give me one day to edit it, and I’m going to be without Internet access on all day today, I have to edit it on Sunday, when it’s supposed to be posted.


Well, all I can promise is that it will definitely be up by 9:30 p.m. PST on Sunday. Promise.

At least, I’ll try my darnedest.

Fee loves you much<3


6 comments on “Challenges.

  1. You can do it, Fee! And don’t stress about what to post or when. It’s handy to jot blog topic ideas as they come to you. Keep a notepad handy. =]

  2. hehehehe good luck trying to write me, I have a little insanity in mah veinnnsss.

  3. You do realize anonymity does mean you don’t cough out my name? O_o

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