Movies That Make My Heart Stop<3

I have a list of movies.

So yes, this post is yet another list. But this list is important. This is a list of movies that drew a reaction out of me.

These are movies that I could watch a thousand and one times and still not be tired of them. Movies that I turn to when my heart hurts and ones that I have little marathons of when I have a weekend without any other responsibility. Ones that I miss when I don’t have time to watch them during OLL events. In short, they’re movies that will rock your socks.

None of them are foregin or weird– they remind me of times when I was having a bunch of fun, or they were actually able to draw a reaction out of me. A real reaction. (:

  • The Breakfast Club – This one is old, but amazing. I think the reason that I love it so much is because I watched it with a friend of mine, and then we watched an episode of Psych that was like it… Gah, I can’t explain it, it was just a really good time. But I thought that one girl was cuter before she put on the make-up. O_O
  • The Time Traveler’s Wife – I cried. Twice. This is one of the best movies that I’ve ever seen. Ever.  It’s just so… It’s a great romance story. Beautiful. Just. Ohmygosh.
  • A Walk To Remember – I need to go buy this. It’s about a boy and a girl. It’s another story about living in completely different lives. The girl is the minister’s daughter, the guy is a trouble maker. It’s an all-around good movie, even if it is predictable at times. Okay, a lot of the time. But still. One of the greatest.
  • The Lion King – because it was so sad when Mufasa died. And Simba is my homeboy. And uh… Hakuna Matata. <3
  • Australia – Another romance movie, set in Australia, obviously. But it stars Hugh Jackman, so I was happy<3 I don’t think that Nicole Kidman is all that cute, but it was a good historical drama/romance. And ya know… cows and stuff. Yeah.
  • Cry-Baby – A Johnny Depp movie (JOHNNY DEPP I LOVE YOU<33333). It’s kind of old– it was my aunt’s favorite movie, and she’s the only reason I know it exists. But it’s sooooo good. It’s another movie about people from opposite worlds, but I just can’t resist them(: AND I MEAN, JOHNNY DEPP. COME ON GUYS. SERIOUSLY.
  • And finally, Bambi – because I cried. So. Hard.

Well, that’s my collection of favorites.


This is my 50th post! This is like, a landmark! I’m so happy<3

Anyway, Fee loves ya til death(: Thanks for being amazing, guys.



11 comments on “Movies That Make My Heart Stop<3

  1. Kade. Not even kidding. You just listed all of the movies that I love and make me cry. Also THE BREAKFASTCLUB. For. The Win.

    Actually I haven’t seen Cry Baby. Wanna rent Rain Man together? I wanna see that, thankyouverymuch. :))

    • Let’s have a movie night at your house! I own Cry Baby, so we can watch that and The Breakfast Club and Rain Man (although I don’t know what that’s about?) <333 But yeah, let's do it(:

  2. I read the Time Travelers Wife, and that made me cry, so I can’t even imagine if I watched the movie….

  3. There is no top. They switch out in a never ending circle of life.
    *SNL reference*
    And why are you trashing weird foreign films all of a sudden???

    That has to be pretty near the top of my Favorite Movie list.

  5. Cry-Baby. It is so campy it’s good.

    I’m not much of a ‘romance’ movie kinda girl. But the boyfriend introduced me to “love, actually” and it was really quite the knockout movie. Also, 4 Weddings and funeral.

    My list of movies to watch on repeat almost always includes Bad Boys and Die Hard.

    Also, For shame, Fee! No Princess Bride?

    • I’ve never seen the Princess Bride, boo! Actually, I haven’t seen a lot of movies– Like, 4 Weddings and a Funeral and I don’t even think I’ve watched all of Bad Boys.
      I should really watch more movies.

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