A Theory on Why I Love Lists.

So, first, I would like to point out that, according to my good friend/blogging superhero La Stranezza , I have sucessfully made a post that made absolutely no sense.

And for that, we should celebrate.

After we finish doing that, I have an another announcement! And, fortunately, it is not a list!<333

After some serious pondering and uninterrupted thought, I have finally realized why I love lists so much.

In my ordiniary, everyday, non-blogging life, I am a mess. I don’t like things being in order. I like chaos. I can find things easier that way, as weird as that may be.

And, here, in my online, virtual, lovey life, I am organized. Writing is like… writing is like my job. And I’m very organized when it comes to writing. Like, my room is a freaking mess, but my writing desk is pretty and organized, and all of my tacs are color-coded, and my folders are all labeled and in alphabetical order– but if you look at any other place in my room, jeans are thrown across the floor, books litter the ground, and you can’t see the carpet anymore.

And I guess that love of organization that I have with my writing just transferred over to my blog.




Okay, maybe it’s overkill, with all of the lists, but… Don’t ask me to stop. Lists relax me.


Coffee– Out!


7 comments on “A Theory on Why I Love Lists.

  1. Have you ever wondered why Sharpies smell funny?

  2. Fish had a lot of lists. i haven’t written on Fish in a while though. Sighh.

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