Some Random Stuff.

I don’t have a title for this post. Usually, I write the title, and because of the title, I know what I’ll write for the post.

But I guess since my fingers typed “Some Random Stuff”, I’ll just… yeah. Make up some random stuff.

At the moment, I am listening to “Miserable at Best” by Mayday Parade, who are good but far too depressed for my taste, and Pandora is bad at choosing stuff that I like even though I always rate songs. -__-

I am also about to start planning some more for NaNo. I’ve been planning a lot, actually. I might even have a plot, if that’s possible! It’s exciting(:

I feel bad because I haven’t written anything for Short Story Sunday. v_v So yeah, no Short Story Sunday this week. But next week, Chapter Three of The Never Ending War will go up, and this week is… The Evil Queen Kit!(: It’s… It’s coming along. And it’s something else. O_O

So! Do you all remember my post on facts? And didn’t I promise some more interesting and totally irrelevant facts today?? Well here they are!

Some interesting and totally irrelevant facts! PART TWO!!

  • In Los Angeles, there are less people than there are automobiles.
  • Donald Duck comics were banned in Finland or something because Donald Duck doesn’t wear pants. Yeah, because ducks always wear pants when they’re walking around and driving cars and stuff.
  • Only 55% of Americans know that the Sun is a star. <—- Well, now at least all of my readers know!(:
  • There are more plastic Flamingos in America than real ones. <— FLAMINGOS LIVE IN AMERICA? SERIOUSLY? I DON’T BELIEVE YOU. I THOUGHT THEY LIVED IN LIKE… JAPAN OR SOMETHING. Oh wait that’s cranes. BUT THEY’RE NOT IN AMERICA… Are they?? >>”
  • Sherlock Holmes never said “elementary, dear Watson”. Never.
  • A Saudi Arabian woman can divorce her husband if he doesn’t give her coffee. O_O I have nothing to say about this one.
  • Thomas Edison was afraid of the dark. And so was I. (: Great minds must fear the same things. (:
  • 98% of drivers think they drive better than anyone else. Like my mom. And my dad. And, come to think of it, my bus driver…
  • The three best-known western names in China are Jesus Christ, Richard Nixon, and Elvis Presley. Again, nothing to say. O_O

Well, that’s all I have for now.

Coffee looooooves you!

((And Melly and Kit, if you’re reading this. Visit. Me. Sometime. On WWAW. Because I miss you guys!!))


6 comments on “Some Random Stuff.

  1. Flamingoes live in Florida…

    …. *slinks into WWAW*

  3. Fun fact: The closest Sherlock Holmes ever got to saying “elementary, my dear Watson” is this tidbit from “The Adventure of the Crooked Man”:
    “I have the advantage of knowing your habits, my dear Watson,” said he. “When your round is a short one you walk, and when it is a long one you use a hansom. As I perceive that your boots, although used, are by no means dirty, I cannot doubt that you are at present busy enough to justify the hansom.”
    “Excellent!” I cried.
    “Elementary,” said he.

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