The Snowflake Method– Hmmm…

Hello, my loves.

I’ve planning. Yes, again. I think I’m over-planning. Oh wells.

I’ve heard a lot about the Snowflake Method in writing– actually, I hadn’t heard about what you actually *do* in the Snowflake Method, but I’ve heard people refer to it in conversation, or even swear by it.

So, after deciding that I didn’t have a plot yet, I decided to try it. So I went to the link, and I’ve been working on it for the last couple of hours.

((I’m stuck on Step 3– I’ve got like, eight main characters. Don’t judge me.))

Anyway, I think I like it. I’m not sure yet, though. I’m kind of neutral.

Has anyone had any experiance with it? Did you like it, or no? O_O

IN OTHER NEWS, I have a plot now. Kind of. My one sentence summary (Step One ^.^) was “An unfortunate and diverse group of friends deal with the aftermath of Jenna’s disappearance”. Yeah, that’s… not the best, but it’s the starting point, and I can work from there. <333

This is a very short post. Sorry bout that.

Will post longer tomorrow. Promise. Unless I’m busy. EITHER WAY.

EDIT: Wait I have one more thing to tell you!

Thanks to my good friend Wrampage, I am doing GothNo, in which the challenge is to write a Gothic Novel in October. I’m shooting for 30k, and I’m excited. <3333

Will tell you more about it tomorrow, promise(: Once I decide what I’ll write.

Love you guys!



6 comments on “The Snowflake Method– Hmmm…

  1. another novel? girl you crazy…

  2. Doesn’t the snowflake method dictate that you can’t use names in your one-sentence summaries? Oh well…
    Like I said in the chat, I tried it before and in my humble opinion, I can only see it working for pretty long novels that have had some decent additional planning done beforehand. Also, no frame stories or short stories… I tried snowflaking some of those and failed miserably.

    • Eh. I’m just going to try it and see how it works out for me. >.< But I'm going to skip a whole bunch and break a bunch of rules. Like, I CAN SAY MY MAIN CHARACTER'S NAME, THANK YOU VERY MUCH xD
      I'm just… going to use it as a starting point for how I plan, and see how it works out.

  3. My pagen writer’s circle is featuring each of the ten steps of the snowflake method on their FB page for pre-NaNo nonsense. <3 It is spiffy, but I can't use it. I explode planning in disorganized bursts, and then piece it all together.

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