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I’m afraid that this blog post title is completely, utterly, without a doubt, misleading. And I’m also afraid that I don’t feel blehh at all. I feel pretty fantastic.

Especially because I am 87-ish% sure that I’ve just aced the two algebra quizzes that I missed while I was sick and stayed home last week.

I’m also currently working on three things: planning, writing my GothNo (still need a thousand more words for today, but then I’ll be on target), and working on the next chapter of TNEW, which I’ve written, although it still needs to be edited.

This week’s chapter is about the Evil Queen Kit, and her most trusted advisor, Wrampage, and I suppose I’ll leave it at that…


Planning… Planning I haven’t worked on for a couple of days. It’s more…. It’s more like, me talking about going to plan, and then staring at a blank page. I seem to be having trouble motivating myself to keep up with the Snowflake Method. >.< I’m still doing the character part. And… yeah. I also have like, eight MCs, so… >.<

And so, instead of planning, I’ve just been working on GothNo. Yesterday, I managed to pull myself up to schedule (4k) in spite of starting two days late. So that made me happy :D Even though all of the writing is a bit clunky and it keeps saying “And then Jessica Rose did this, and then Maria said “Bleh” and then Aleksander did blah blah blah”. >.<

But it’s words. Like I said, emptying out the stupid :D

One last thing: I did a guest blog post (on make-up, no less!) on Glam Pin Up, and it’s pretty fun. Check it out if you have the time(:

Anyway. That’s really all I have for the moment.

But I love you guys(:



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