On Naming Inanimate Objects.

My laptop is named Wrath.

Yes, I named my laptop. And it occurs to me that to many of you wonderful people who read my blog, that’s not weird. >.< But the fact that none of us find it weird is weird in itself!

My laptop (actually, it’s a super tiny netbook that I absolutely adore) is named Wrath, and it says “wrath” in big, colorful, stick-on bubble letters its top.

My cell phone (is I ever get it back *this is a hint to you, mom*) is named Sloth. My iPod (if I ever find it again) is named Lust. My pencil case is Gluttony (I swear it eats my pencils when I’m not looking), and my favorite cup to NaNo with (one that says “I Love My Grandma” in a font that looks like a little kid with crayons ^.^ ) is named Pride.

And, secretly, I call my brother’s Xbox Fred.


Okay, maybe it’s a little weird to name your pencil case and your cup. But with my laptop, cell phone, Xbox and iPod, it seems completely normal. >.<

Thing is, I don’t call these things by their names. Well, besides my laptop (“MOM, WHERE’S WRATH?”). I think their names, but I don’t really say them aloud.

Maybe it’s because these things are essential to my life…


Pondering this,



6 comments on “On Naming Inanimate Objects.

  1. All I have to say to this? Euphonious.

  2. My bed is called Snuggly.
    (I have having so much fun making your care package it should be illegal. I own way too many spare knick knacks, that will soon also be taking over your room.)

  3. I named my iPod after one of the main characters in my series… though I barely remember that it’s so.

  4. My cell phone is “Impossible Whore,” my large laptop is “Doom Machine,” my small laptop is “Ruby Moon” (because it’s red, harhar), my Kindle is “Lexington,” and my bicycle is “The Doctor” (really, don’t ask… XD).

    Naming things is fun.

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