[The Never Ending War] Chapter 3:: Kit’s Memory

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“There is good in all things, Page, dear,” the Queen Kit said, delicately fingering the rose petals in her favorite greenhouse with a small smile. “You just have to find it. Sometimes, though, you have to look really hard.” She gave an almost inaudible laugh, keeping her back turned.

Lord Wrampage, a dark-haired maiden who preferred “Lord” over “Lady” because it sounded stronger and more intimidating, pursed her lips in disgust. “Of course, Your Highness,” she said in a voice that didn’t betray her true feelings.

“Page,” the Queen said, turning suddenly, using the loving nickname that Kit had been using since they had been little girls together.

Lord Wrampage quickly blanked her expression, erasing all traces of disgust.

“Yes, Your Highness?”

“I just wanted to tell you to stop calling me that,” she said, her robes rustling as she moved closer and bestowing Page with a  sisterly kiss on the cheek. She then clapped her hands once and began to move to the exit, with the Lord Page trailing her closely. “We’ve been friends ever since we were born, Page! Almost thirty years of friendship, and yet you still cannot stand to use my first name! In that time, we’ve managed to keep the peace around this kingdom, and we did it together. I certainly couldn’t have done it without you,” Kit said enthusiastically. No, you certainly could not have, thought Page, but she said nothing. Kit continued on. “So stop calling me ‘Your Highness’, Pagey!” The Queen said, completely carefree.

Lord Wrampage nodded curtly, staring at the Queen’s turned back. She was too trusting. It couldn’t possibly be good for her. It was a good thing that Page had taken–over the kingdom. A great thing.

“Page, dear, would you tell my son Brian to meet me in my chambers? I have a few things to go over with him. He’s going to be king one day, you know,” Kit said, beaming at Lord Wrampage.

The Prince Brian had always been Kit’s pride and joy. Too bad he was no longer around. Page had ordered him dead as soon as they’d discovered a way to wipe the Queen’s memory, almost immediately after the wars had begun. They had known that wars of this magnitude could not be kept a secret from the Queen for long, and the Lord Wrampage would surely have been executed for starting something so sinister and [other word here].

Lord Wrampage nodded and watched her Queen retreat into her chambers. She stood there until she was certain that Kit had disappeared, then turned to one of the many guards in the castle. Page motioned with her finger to her personal favorite, Toga.

Toga followed silently, her dark blue combat suit rustling in the otherwise silent halls. Lord Wrampage’s long, skirted dress was a bold red, with lacy white underskirts that swished across the floors like she was in a dance all by herself.

She was beautiful, really. Almost as beautiful as the Queen herself. Over the last 200 years, Lord Wrampage had slowly developed the queenly gait that the ‘true’ queen had seemed to have been born with.

They reached a secluded room, filled with only a small bookcase and an even smaller desk. But it was private, and it was a place specifically for the purpose of meetings and announcements such as this.

“Toga,” the Lord Wrampage muttered, her tone civil, “Her majesty,” Page mocked, “is feeling a bit nostalgic again. Inform the guard that it’s time for another wipe.”

“Are you sure, my Lord?” asked Toga. “It’s a bit much, don’t you think? We’re beginning to wipe her memory three or four times a year…” Toga trailed off.

“She’s asking for her son again, Toga,” the Lord Wrampage snapped. “And she’s been trying to plan a visit into the countryside. It’s time.”:

Toga nodded without saying anything, although she looked a bit sick. She turned and began to walk away, but Page grabbed her shoulder roughly, turning her back around. “Is there a problem, Toga?” she asked lightly, but her eyes were cold as steel. “Do you have something to say about the way that I’m running this kingdom?”

“It’s not your kingdom to run, my Lord,” she said. “But orders are orders. Excuse me.” Toga turned again, leaving the Lord Wrampage alone in the closet of a room.

“It is my kingdom.” Almost inaudibly, almost desperately, she let out a whisper. “It is my kingdom.”

Only in these moments, alone, would she allow herself to be the person that she once was… and that was just another chambermaid who the Queen took a liking to. With a forceful breath, she spoke once more. “This is my  kingdom.”

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10 comments on “[The Never Ending War] Chapter 3:: Kit’s Memory

  1. I really love the new theme, Feeboo….
    Hehehe, I adore this story. :3
    Also, my mother informs me that you cannot send packages collect internationally–but she will pay for me to send my package, so woo! Maybe you could look into a letter, or an expresspost or something? (ignorant of US mail systems…)

    • :D I WILL DEFINITELY SEND YOU A LETTER, EVEN IF IT KILLS ME. But, unfortunately, I just won’t be able to send you your package Dx And I don’t know much about mail at all, so I have no idea what an expresspost is…. And thank you, Mellsyboo. You’re the best. In. The. World.

  2. Oooh, exciiiting. I like this chapter best.

  3. Is Kit short for Skittles? Queen Coffee Beans… Funny names. I love naming people ridiculous names. Once, I named a guy Toupee because he was bald… Another guy I named Herbie Vore because he was vegetarian. I actually still use that name for myself sometimes.

  4. Aw. I really thought page and queen kit were gonna be like, the closest of friends when the queen said they were childhood friends and insisted on page to Call her by her first name.
    Anyways this is wonderful.
    And I’m not gonna leave pargraph long comments anymore. Sorry bout that :I

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