And Here I Begin…


I have a number of things to cover today!

Thing One: Theme.

As some of you may have noticed, I have changed my theme! :D As far as I can tell by some comments on it, there are some mixed feelings on it. But I think I like it.

Thing Two: Writing Stuff.

>.< I hate this whole editing deal. I mean, it’s requiring me to think about what I’m going to write.

I swear, eventually, I’m just going to binderclip all of my notes on my NaNo story and throw it into a drawer until after November– I might just wing it. I honestly don’t know. >.<

Thing Three: Algebra. 


That is all.

Thing Four: Harry Potter! :D

YAY. I’ve finally made it to Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, and I am SO happy about it. :D That’s really all I have to say about that.

Thing Five: Epic Rap Battles of Historrrrrrry!

I haven’t been able to get these out my head since I’ve been watching them for the last few days. >.<


And so, in conclusion, we had lots of things to go over– but they were all pretty short. (:

Don’t forget to check out Chapter Three of the Never Ending Wars (and chapter one and two, if you’ve not been reading *gives the evil eye* ).

And remember, Coffee loves ya. No matter what <3


7 comments on “And Here I Begin…

  1. I like the theme. It makes it easier to read what you post. Better font and sizing. Teehee. And I’m winging it for NANo too. Obvis… I haven’t actually decided anything at all about my novel at all at all.

  2. I’m going out to mail your package tomorrow so I can stop eating candy out of it. :DD
    Algebra sucks. And it doesn’t get better. D:

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