Polls, Parodies, Personification, and Parasites (I know my Alliteration).

^^That is a poll. Answers to the poll would be greatly appreciated. In fact, I would be super happy.

On to the next thing on the agenda (is beginning to sound like her Social Studies teacher D: Very, very bad thing): Parodies!

I don’t actually have anything to say on the subject of parodies, except that they’re either amazingly AWESOME, or terribly lame. >.< Like the “That Ain’t my Baby (Baby Baby noooooo)” parody. Not good. But my point is, there’s no in-between.



Next thing! Personification!

I wrote a story, about trees. I mean, it’s been done before. A tree that can talk. Except this tree is one BAMF. He’s alll…. gosh, you have to read it (x Usually, I’m not a huge fan of personification. But gosh. It’s like with Parodies. It’s either awesome, or terrible.

There is no in-between(x

… this post is only 152 words at the moment. That’s much, much shorter than usual– and my posts are always short. O_O

Welp! Guess I must go on! This time, I’ll make another list of stuff. About… Parasites! :D I know a lot about parasites, actually. *is strange*

A few years ago, I found them very, very interesting. So I researched. No, I didn’t have a life. Get over it.

A List of Some Stuff That I Know About Parasites!

  • We all know Crazy Cat Ladies, right?? Well, there’s this parasite (not sure what it’s called…) that infests old ladies’ brains and forces them to surround themselves with cats. No surprise, the parasite is found in certain cats. But then again… your local Crazy Cat Lady could possibly just really like cats.

Oh gosh. I seem to have forgotten everything that I thought I knew about parasites. Dx Well… this is embarrassing…


Anyway, I love you all<3


7 comments on “Polls, Parodies, Personification, and Parasites (I know my Alliteration).

  1. KADE, Look uo Got Your Money – Say Anything, Punk Goes Crunk cover. You’ll *hate* it. It’s the best.

  2. I love making (and listening to) parodies. Once I thought up a parody on We Are the Champions, called We Don’t Need Toll Booths. It went thus:
    “I’ve paid my dues,
    Time after time
    Had to pay fines,
    But committed no crime…
    And as for mistakes,
    I’ve made a few.
    Like that time I drove at 80 miles per hour through!

    We don’t need toll booths, my friends…
    We will keep driving, in the end.
    We don’t need toll booths, WE DON’T NEED TOLL BOOTHS,
    No time for stopping, ’cause we don’t need toll booths… in the road.”

  3. What does it what does it say about me that I know the virus is called toxoplasmosa gondii and it has been linked to zombie apocalypse theories?
    Oh, whelp, parodies. I’m more a fan of satire, but I can enjoy a good parody if it’s clever enough and I’m familiar with whatever it’s parodying. John Culshaw’s Doctor Who parodies come to mind, that shit is hilarious.

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