In Which I Talk of Stormy Nights (Okay, Afternoons). And A List! <3

WHOA SUPER LONG TITLE. Oh well. Anyway! Hello!

It rained today. It rained really hard for a little while. It kind of fit the aura of the day, too. I mean… It was blehh. Not tooo bad, but pretty blehh. I mean, it was looking up when I totally aced my algebra test in sixth period (thank you for TI-83 calculators! I had to check my answers four times each before I was satisfied with it >.< It was intense).

But the day was pretty blehh overall. Which sucks. But, hey, what are you gonna do? It’s a Wednesday. I don’t like Wednesdays. >.<

Anyway, but to Stormy Nights/Evenings/Afternoons/Mornings. So pretty much a stormy day.

I never really understood “seasonal depression”. Until today >.<

I mean, I’ve lived in a stormy region for… well, my entire life. My state here in the US has two weeks of summer, to be honest. As my friend put it, “We only have to seasons here. Really cold and kinda warm”.

But… I really think that the over-castness and the rain and the clouds and the lack of sun really screwed with the day. Everyone’s day, actually.


I need some music.

*opens Pandora*

^^That’s a bit better.

HEY, maybe I should make a list of stuff to do when you’re feeling low! :D (I’ve read enough of the “Girls Rock! Love Yourself!”-type deals to know).

Stuff To Do To Feel Better When You’re Feeling Pre-Winter (Or the Really Cold stage in My Case) Blues…

  • Play music with a strong bass. Sing along to it, if you have energy. Or dance like a maniac. All. By. Yourself. It’s actually VERY relaxing.
  • Fill an entire notebook page with flowers. You know, the really easy to make daisies, or something? Fill a page with those. And then put a smiley face into each of them. Now I dare you to look at all those smiling faces and not smile back.
  • Watch a funny movie! <3 Like… The Proposal. I have a love-hate relationhip with The Proposal. But it’s funny. Most of the time. >.< Or… Baby Mama. I don’t know, a parody on YouTube. Or… a TV show, like Saturday Night Live(: Whatever makes you laugh. Laughing is good.
  • Take a bath. While blasting music. Love songs, or something. I don’t know. Take a looooong bath and cry if you wanna, and then get over it.
  • Call someone. Preferably someone who’s just as sad as you are. Because then you can complain to each other. And then you’ll feel better. Yes, it actually works.
  • Make a list! Okay, this one might only apply to me. But come on, guys. You know you love them.

That’s all I’ve got right now… But I promised a friend, so, here goes:

This is a link to a blog by someone who is kind of a friend of mine. It’s pretty good. But she has like no views. So click the link. I mean, you know you want to.

Well I’m off for now. LOVE YOU GUYS <33333333


6 comments on “In Which I Talk of Stormy Nights (Okay, Afternoons). And A List! <3

  1. very good list.

    I also like to do some serious cooking on bad days. Providing I have ingredients. But usally making something tasty out of various ingredients is so very satisfying.

    Also, Get your webbadge! nano site official relaunch, completely with new web badges! I’ll see you on there!

  2. I love you. But pre-winter is bad. I’m sorry Corb.

  3. ALRIGHT. So I just got back from the post office, your care package is on it’s waaaaayyyy. :DD It only cost about 25$! I hope it gets to you soon!!

      I can’t believe it was so cheap! When I price checked it, it was $100-something from my place to yours…
      I can’t wait!
      And I’m writing you a letter. Just so you know. <3333

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