Some Thoughts.

In which the Lady Queen Coffee Beans practices stream-of-consiousness writing. Although she may be doing it wrong. She honestly has no idea. 

I like video games with lots and lots of shooting in it. Is that bad? Yeah, probably. Oh well. That doesn’t change the fact. I like video games with lots and lots of shooting in it.

Yesterday, I helped my mother dye her hair pink.

I should be planning for NaNo, seeing as I’ve changed my story idea. But oh well. I’ll do it later. I’m playing Fallout right now.

I should also be writing the short story for tomorrow. 

I might just stop doing Short Story Sundays altogether. Just keep it to the bi-weekly tNEW chapters. I like the old-timey feel of those.

I like old-timey music, too. A bong-o-bong-o bong-o I don’t want to leave the jungle, oh no no no no no, bing-a-bang-a-bong-o I’m so happy in the jungle I refuse to gooooo.

I’m a bit weird. I think that’s alright, though.

People like weird. It’s… eccentric. <3

And I Love you All. <33333


12 comments on “Some Thoughts.

  1. Eccentric girls for the win!

  2. This was a good post…But how come you didn’t make any Joycean puns? Joyce and puns are really funs. *See what I did there?*

  3. You’re playing Fallout and writing this post? Now that’s multitasking.

    • Oh, you know it.
      I’m an awesome insane multitasker.

      • Oh, I forgot to say: I love stream-of-consciousness writing, though I do it slightly differently. I just ramble, going from one topic to another, but they’re ALL CONNECTED!!!!! I can’t think of an example right now… Right rhymes with write, which I like doing, along with listening to music, mostly Beethoven, who actually had the same middle name as almost everyone in Germany did at that time. Speaking of time, scientists have found a faster-than-light particle that may debunk Einstein’s theory of relativity. Did you know that Einstein’s barber was influenced by Beethoven’s barber? Yes, barbers copy each other. It’s very strange.
        Anyway, that was my version of stream-of-consciousness writing. Sort of.

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