On my NaNoWriMo Idea. (:

Have any of you read Realm of Possibility by David Levithan?

If you had, you’d know that they were told about one specific time, one year, from the point of views of many different, connected characters.

While mine isn’t nessecarily centered around one year (although the time of the novel is from the summer before senior year until the summer before college), it’s centered around one big event– the disappearance of a girl that was close with a specific group of friends.

It centers around the disappearance of this girl, Jenna, and “who done it”, but it’s about them. All five of these people (plus an extra, strange girl who no one seems to think about much) have their own lives, their own problems, their own feelings and relationships, their own backgrounds.

My NaNo Novel for this year isn’t about the disappearance of a girl, nor is it about the year that everything changed, or something all sentimental like that. My NaNo is about a group of people, and the way that their lives are connected, the way that they’ve all been brought together for this one period of time, and where they’ll go when they’ve finished.

Maybe it’s a bit corny. Maybe it’ll be hard to tell backstories while having a sufficent arura of mystery to surround the disappearance of Jenna. And heck, maybe I’ll just decide to say screw it, and I’ll go to my fallback plan.

But it’s not going to be perfect. I mean, it’s NaNoWriMo, it’s bound to be total crap.

But underneath all that stupid, there might be something worthwhile.

And editing is for December.



4 comments on “On my NaNoWriMo Idea. (:

  1. I like the idea. Unfortunately, I haven’t read Monsieur Levithan’s work. I think I’ve read books like that, using the multiple personalities. Good idea, again.

  2. As you know i love corny crap, I am oh-so-very excited for this. :))

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