Ten days. Ten days until the epic journey of NaNoWriMo. Ten days until I can stop with all of these pre-NaNo paranoia-laced posts, and actually write something worthwhile once again.

Ten days to finish my super-in-depth outline, and ten days to finish all of my character-developing.

And only a few days until I get my NaNo Care Package, from the lovely Queen Melkyre, of the Robots. I love her<333

((And I have written her a letter, and I need to talk to her because I’ve lost her address!!!))


But anyway! I’m off to plan. No time to waste at the moment, you know.




4 comments on “OH MY GOODNESS, THIS IS IT.

  1. OH WHAT.
    Go on WWAW sometime, jesus girl!
    hit me up [redacted!]

  2. Ah, I’m so excited! I’ve been looking for other folks giving NaNo some love :D

    I haven’t even started my outline yet, and have no plot bunnies. I’m gonna have to visit the adoptions thread! I have my survival kit though…

    See you at the starting line!

    Jessica P xo
    [link removed]

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