I Think I’m In Love…

With yWriter. :D

This is a post where I tell you how much I love yWriter. You can read it, or no. But OH MY GOSH, I LOVE yWRITER.  IT’S SO GREAT.

yWriter is a writing software that helps you plan your novel. It’s easy to use and super author-friendly and relatively straight-forward.

It was recomended to me by a friend that I call Moon-Sensei, and she’s the best and I will love her forever for telling me to use it.

Just like you will love me forever if you click the link to the download page.  Seriously.

I know people who swear by programs like Scrivener, or Celtx (yeah, that’s pretty much just script writing, but still!), or even just plain old MS Word, but I promise promise promise that I have tried all of them, and NONE, and I mean NONE add up to yWriter.

In fact, the only thing that could beat yWriter was if Write or Die made a word processing and planning program. That would be epic.

ANYWAY. Download yWriter (yeah, it’s free! <3). You won’t regret it. Promise.

Or maybe you will.

I don’t know your life!



8 comments on “I Think I’m In Love…

  1. What??? How is something better for motivating you to write than write or die???? I didn’t know that was possible…

    • No, no, no, I didn’t mean that.
      I only meant that, while Write or Die is the greatest invention known to mankind and the only thing that could possibly be better than it was if WoD made a writing software that included planning, yWriter is a close second.
      yWriter doesn’t motivate me to write… rather, it helps me know where I’m going with my story, which is just as good.

  2. I have yWriter, but I still adore my old school combo of WoD and Word. Good luck with yours, though!

  3. I totally swear by yWriter. Best novel writing program ever! =)

  4. At first yWriter was just ‘nice’. Then I discovered the tool that lets you type in your wordcount/goal and it automatically calculates how much you need to write every day. Word? Who needs it?
    And I haven’t used WoD for quite a while now. Since I am in a kind of writing stagnation, maybe it’ll help…

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