My Writing Lair (Or Lack Thereof)

Lots and lots of people have writing lairs. I envy them. I envy them immensely.

I have a few places that I write around my house. And I have one place where I plan really really well. But I don’t have a writing lair.

This saddens me.

See, I’m not legally able to drive yet, and my house isn’t close enough to the local Starbucks to go there regularly (My house isn’t close enough to anything, really– just a whole bunch of old people. >.<).

And so, I’m stuck writing at home. Although I don’t mind it much.

I think that the only thing that bothers me is that I don’t have a set place where I can write uninterrupted.

I have a couch in the family room. I’m sitting on it now. It’s not connected to the main couch, and it’s, like, one of the long chair type deals that Cleopatra sat on.


I have a couch in my living room, too. But it’s not nearly as comfortable. But I write better there.

And I have a chair. I have a chair in my dinning room. It’s always the same chair, in the same exact spot, in the same exact position. No one ever asks me to move my stuff, because we don’t usually use the dinning room, anyway.

I plan there. I write there. It’s where I won Screnzy and Camp NaNo July. It’s my lucky chair.

But lately, I haven’t felt so lucky in it. A change of scenery would be nice.

Maybe I’ll start writing outside…. although I would probably get frostbite from the cold Washington air. >.<

So I need a new place to write. :(




4 comments on “My Writing Lair (Or Lack Thereof)

  1. I used to have a chair in my bedroom, but I had to get rid of it when I got a new bed. Now I have to write at my desk, or in the living room. I hate writing in the living room because people talk and look over my shoulder, and my desk gets uncomfortable. I do have a drivers license, but there is no coffee shop or open public place in my town.
    So, yeah, same boat as you love!

  2. What melly said…
    Well, I sometimes find it easier to write if I bring a comp into the school library. I’m almost always half-asleep at school, though, so that doesn’t really help.
    And my home is really tiny, so it’s quite difficult for me to feel privacy. I suppose I do have a place in another part of the city that’s empty most of the time, but I haven’t really taken the time to try and spend some time there…

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