Merry Christmas!

Okay. So it’s not really Christmas. It’s Halloween.

I couldn’t resist that old joke, though. (: If you know it, then you know it– if you don’t, you wouldn’t get it. Sort of a “you had to be there” type deal.

Anyway. Happy Halloween!

Halloween may be one of the coolest holidays out there… I mean, free candy, you get to dress up like a total dork and still feel cool, and you get to hang out with people you may or may not like(: Fun times, right?

But I’m excited. Not just for Halloween. But… I AM SO EXCITED FOR NANOWRIMO. I don’t think I’ll be able to join the WWaW kick-off party, because I’m technically supposed to be asleep at midnight, but you can definitely believe that I will start writing the moment I wake up tomorrow morning.

Short post today, I know, but I just wanted to spread some holiday joy, and wish everyone who’s participating in NaNo the best of luck!

Lots of love,


(p.s. I’m going out as the Sanrio character Badtz-Maru. He’s just so BA.<3 Personally, I feel like a G.)


6 comments on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Give my regards to all the others. WWAW is not letting me into the room.

  2. Did ya get the package? Did ya? :DDD

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