My Secret Weapon! (;

Hi, my name is Kadence, and I novel during school.

Really though, it’s only on Wednesdays. See, we have ACE days– which is pretty much, we get an hour off (which, in turn, means instead of getting out at 2:40, we get out at 1:40, pretty much). And on these ACE days, we have an hour in one of our classes (in today’s case, Science), and yes, I wrote. Not sure how much yet, because I haven’t typed it up yet, but it was… it was kind of a lot. 

NaNoWriMo is going pretty swimmingly.

See, I’m not even sure if 50k is my goal anymore. More like… must beat sari1414. Must beat Rori97. Must beat all RL friends. Must be comparable to Lec. Must win.

I’m competitive by nature.

Anyway, I’m going to type up all my words for today. And then I’m gonna write some more.

Yeah, I’m pretty cool(:



6 comments on “My Secret Weapon! (;

  1. Way to go! I think you meant beat though :)
    Hope to see you in on WWaW later. Bring Lec if you can. Happy writing

  2. You’re gross. You disgust me. I love you. I hate you. Go die. No really I love you, my NaNo madness is coming back worse than last year. Why do you exsist? stop exsisting. You’re horrible. Seriously, I love you, ignore me right now.

  3. lol.

    Far too adorable.

    I have about 2 groups of friends that I’m competing against at the moment. And I’m currently winning! But I can’t let it fall! I can’t! MUST. KEEP. WINNING!

    haha. Catch me if you can, Coffee dear!

    Day 3: Wordcount so far, 14,057

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