100 posts of Love.


I thought that maybe it’d be good if I done something special… But then I realized that I was much too tired, and I wanted to sleep.

And so I slept.

And when I woke up, I was still too tired.

So! In the spirit of blogging love, and love for other bloggers, my hundredth post is a bunch of links!

That’s right, links to blogs that I happen to cherish with all of my soul.

And so, in no particular order:

Comfy Sweaters, Writing, and Fish, a blog my a RL friend who is pretty cool. Kind of. Not as much as me

Scenes de la Vie de Stranezza, a very insane blog on some of the randomest things…

Inside Liam’s Brain yeah, nothing to say about this one, other than… I kind of love it.

The Critical Psychopath is my idea of exactly what a blog should be. SO AMAZING.

ANYWAY, I love you all!<3333


12 comments on “100 posts of Love.

  1. omgiosh fee sleep more you crazy girl…!

  2. Yaay! I’m on that list. It makes me feel orangey.

  3. Yay! I’m on that post too! It makes me feel… well, not exactly orangey, which I don’t think is a word, but I feel good!

  4. You act like you’re cooler than me. Hah.

  5. Love, you spelled psychopath wrongly.

    But thank you, dear.

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