*looks around nervously*

*Straightens girl-tie (yeah, it’s a real thing*

*clears throat*

Guyyyys. I have an annoucement to make.

Last night, I hit 25k.

Twnety-five k, you ask. Is it true? *there is a gasp*

It’s true. Twenty five thousand words have been written by my fingertips in the last eight days.


*there is a moment of silence, in which everyone waits in anticipation*

I didn’t fail my algebra test. Key word: didn’t. I think… I think I understand it! :D

Love you guys<333



7 comments on “

  1. WHAT. WHAT.

    Oh I’m so proud of you, Feeb’s. On both counts… :D

  2. Congratulations! I’m reading this the day after you typed it, but I hit 25k yesterday too! And I’m still flying by…

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