In which I play Skyrim, ignore NaNo, and watch *random internet sensations* play Skyrim.

^^What the title says.

Basically, after I finish everything that I need to do, i.e., eat food, chores, homework, and stuff, I’m going to play Skyrim, this new video game I got (BY THE SAME PEOPLE WHO MADE FALLOUT 3 WHICH WAS A MAJOR WIN), I am going to completely ignore NaNoWriMo in the same fashion that I’ve been ignoring it all week.

And I shall play it for multiple hours, probably until ten ish.

And at ten, I will leave to watch The Twilight Series: Breaking Dawn Part One in theatres with my mother. AND I know that this movie will suck; I’m not going for the movie, silly: I’m going for the movie theatre, because they have super comfy reclining chairs.

And after all of that, and ONLY after all of that, I will c0me home, and I will not sleep until I hit 35k.

And then I will sleep for six hours. And then I’ll wake up and watch Toby The Gamer play Skyrim for PC. And then I’ll play Skyrim myself. And then, I’ll write until I hit 45k.

And by Sunday, if I follow in this fashion, I will end the night with at the very minimum, 50k or a completed manuscript. Take your pick.




5 comments on “In which I play Skyrim, ignore NaNo, and watch *random internet sensations* play Skyrim.

  1. Go, Coffee! Go, go Coffee! May the Queen reign long over 5k nights.

  2. Hahaha.

    I wrote as fast and as much as i could so that I could play skyrim when I finished.

    We got the game on the 11th, I finished writing on the 13th. I think tonight is the first time since that I have not played the game. I’ve logged about 25ish hours.

    Also, I feel like I should do the adult thing here. Ahem.

    bad Fee! Bad! Finish your writing, THEN reward yourself with sweet sweet vidja games.


    Carry on loves! You can do this!

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