Explanations, Giant Killing, and a Whole Lotta Cleaning

Hi, loves.

I think I’ll start with the Giant Killing today.

My little brother (he’s 11) has been sitting beside me on the living room couch playing Skyrim, and for the last half hour, he’s been trying to kill the same giant. You would think that, after his companion died, and he died (multiple times), he would give up. But no, he just keeps drawing his sword and fighting that giant.


Okay, moment of celebration over. Next; explanations.

You may have noticed the war widget in place of my old, boring text box over there—————>>

You all remember how my goal wasn’t to hit 50k, but to beat Sarah Bobbi Beth Elizabeth *Lizzi* Gabriel Angel Fish Yoko-Chan, yes? Well. That’s my progress. *nods happily* I’m winning.

And also, please direct your attention this way<——– to find a brand-new quote put up. But if you don’t want to direct your attention, I’ll post it right here.

Ever been in love? Horrible, isn’t it?

-Neil Gaiman

And now, I must leave you all. Because I have to clean more of my house. >.< I love having family over for Thanksgiving, I just don’t love the pre-Thanksgiving preparations.

Love you all<33



10 comments on “Explanations, Giant Killing, and a Whole Lotta Cleaning

  1. oh right it’s almost thanksgiving in USA. I couldn’t figure out what you were talking about for a moment. :)

  2. Almost at 40k! I thought it was 45k for tonight… Anyway, go Coffee!

  3. I hope my li’l bro (also 11) oesn’t get the game. Otherwise i wont be able to use the pc. There’s this cousin trying to spread the awesomeness of the poem to our house, but i don’t want that!

    • Oh my. It’s a great game, but there’s always the bad side to everything good. In this case: other people want to take things away from us in order to play. >>” It makes me quite sad. :( I’m glad we have it on PlayStation, though, because if we didn’t, I would blantly refuse to give up my computer. >.<

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