Congratulations, Prizes, and La Familia<3

Okay, lovelies.

Sarah has decided on guest posting to be her prize. So, she’ll be writing and e-mailing me  a post by Friday night so I can post it Saturday morning, yes? *looks pointedly at Sarah*

Also, I’m afraid that my word count may or may not be going up much for the next few days; I’m also afraid that actual blog posts may not being going up, either.

It’s a win-lose-lose situation; the win being spending five days with mah cousin Dazisa, whom I haven’t seen in a year<3

Anyway, I must be off; but before that, I just wanted to congratulate both Liam Wood and Stranezza for both hitting 50k (although Liam hit it a while ago– sorry, Liam, I meant to congratulate you earlier. >>”

Also a big OOOOH YEAH! to Lectin and Aheila for passing 50k, as well (although they haven’t hit their own, personal goals yet).

You’re all my heroes!


4 comments on “Congratulations, Prizes, and La Familia<3

  1. Why, thank you again for another honorable mention in this post. Come back as soon as you can– the 50k party is waiting.

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