Guest Post from Havoc

Hi, loves(: Like we promised, today is guest post day from Sarah/Havoc, from the blog http://correctingpenswelcome.wordpress.com .

And by the way, it’s absolutely perfect.


Hello. I am not Kadence. In fact, I am Kadence’s lovely friend Sarah. I am guest blogging today because I told Coffee that I hated her and we are rewarded for those sorts of things in this country called the internet. Just kidding. I won a contest for being awesome. It happens a lot.

And today, I am talking about clothing. Sort of. Because I was thinking about it the other day.

See, one of my friends the other day asked me why I never where Hollister and Abercrombie and such stores, and why I buy used clothes from salvation army, or make my own, etc. And here is my answer to that.

I believe that fashion is more about art than it is about fitting in. What you wear is what people immediately see in you. I wear sweaters and ties and sometimes big rain boots with laces on them. What does that say about me? I have no idea. For me to tell you that it would probably be biased, but I and can tell you what it won’t say about me.

It won’t say that I buy clothes where everyone else buys clothes because everyone else buys their clothes there. And in all honesty, it won’t show that I have to hide behind labels to feel good about myself. I feel fine wearing large sweatshirts that my grandpa owned, because that says something about *me*, not something about how cool I am.

Of course this doesn’t get me new friends or anything, but it is something that the friends I have can respect. The people that don’t respect it can deal with it.

And to the girl on the bus that saw I had red vines and asked me who the hell would by *me* candy like I have a disease than enables people from liking me or something, I hate your shirt, and also it’s logo.


(for the record, I wear Hollister and Rocawear and stuff from Taylor Gang and Wet Seal; what’s that say about me?)

Signing off,

Coffee<3 and to a lesser extent, Havoc

You can find Havoc’s work on her blog, Comfy Sweaters, Writing, and Fish. She’s pretty dang cool.


9 comments on “Guest Post from Havoc

  1. Sarah! Hi!

    Anyway, nice post :)

  2. that was great! I wear batman shirts…. <3

  3. @Kade, I have a jacket from Wet Seal too, but I don’t wear it because its from Wet Seal, I wear it cos it’s cute. That’s the difference. :))

    • I seeeeeee. Well, I bought the cutest shirt at Wet Seal yesterday, I can’t wait for you to see it, it’s so pretty, with roses and stuff. You’d love it. It kinda reminds me of your Bryanna shirt, but not. ^.^

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