Why The Human Civilization Will Live On.

While reading Missy Biozarre’s blog yesterday, I stumbled across this video:

You can find Missy Biozarre’s original post here.

Allow to me say this video, this guy, this nineteen-year-old University of Iowa student, is inspiring. In fact, I’m going to add him to my List of Heroes right now.

Let me start off by saying this: I am very opinionated. When I believe in something, I stick to it. But I consider everyone’s opinion, as long as they explain themselves respectfully. Guys, I’m a debater. I’m going to be a lawyer one day. I believe in heated debate. Feel free to tell me about what you believe and stuff in the comments. RESPECTFULLY.

But this, right here? This is my turn. So please listen, or you could close the tab, and I won’t think any less of you.


Zach Wahls has renewed my hope in the American civilization– No, Zach Wahls is the reason that I believe in humanity.

It’s exactly like Wahls is trying to say.  Everyone should have equality. Everyone is an equal.

I believe that people who hate homosexuality are exactly the kind of people who, two hundred years ago, would have hated black people. They’re exactly the kind of people who would have enslaved me, a black, German, and Japanese mixed girl with hair like Beyoncé.

My point? Every man is created equal.

EVERY man is created equal.

So, please, tell me, what gives the government the right to tell us how to live out lives? Who are they to demand that we be attracted to a certain sex? What we do behind closed doors is our own business, is it not? If it’s no threat to governmental or other’s personal security, then why is the government even involved with who we love?

And some argue that it’s wrong because the Bible says so. But the Bible also tells us to love our neighbors, does it not? The Bible tells us that only God can pass judgement. And some of us, still, don’t even believe in the Bible, so how is that justifiable reasoning?

And some argue that same-sex couplings can’t reproduce. Prehaps that was true in the 1700s, but it’s not so anymore. There are options now. artificial insemination, sperm donors, baby mamas, adoptions, the list goes on. So tell me, how does that even count any longer?

To me, these claims seem outdated. We aren’t barbarians bent on solely reproducing any longer. It’s like Sarah says: Love is love, no matter what package it comes in. When we fall in love with someone, it shouldn’t matter that they’re male or female, rich or poor, black or white, Asian or Mexican, tattooed or clean-shaven. All that should matter is the content of their character. Love is Love.

Thoughts? Please discuss. Respectfully, of course.



4 comments on “Why The Human Civilization Will Live On.

  1. My favourite bit is how a lot of right-wing fundamentalists think that we need to decrease taxation, yet the Bible says “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s,” which is basically the same as saying “Give to Uncle Sam what is Uncle Sam’s.” After all, it’s not the citizens who print the money–it’s the government. So, yeah…Also, stupid library computer won’t play the video. It’s saddening.

  2. A very well thought out argument from somebody your age. Very impressive, and very heart-warming, Fee. It does an old lady like me good to see somebody your age have such a clear mind about things.

    There is nothing up there in your post that I disagree with or find flawed or faulty. You have it all pretty much correct. Keep on keeping on, my dear. And everything’s gonna be alright.

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