Yes, loves. Dragons.

Now, before we start today; I don’t plan on having a long post. In fact, I refuse to have a long post. But I’m going to talk about something that has popped into my life multiple times over the last few days; and that, my dears, is dragons.

Everywhere I look.

I mean, I wake up, I see a big stuffed dragon beside my bed (yes, I own a big stuffed dragon. His name is Fluffy and I love him dearly).

And then I go to school, and what do I see when I’m looking at Justin and Trey’s phones? A DRAGON APP. That’s right. There’s an app that lets you hatch, grow, and kill dragons. Yes, kill. Justin killed his with a whip. It was sad.

And then I get home, and I decide to de-stress by playing Skyrim; and what does that game just HAVE to be about??



On the bright side, I did write Chapter Five of the Never Ending War, which is good, and I might actually have this chapter up on time; granted, I’ll have to find the time to edit…

I’m going to take a nap.



12 comments on “Dragons.

  1. I have three stuffed dragons. They love next to my eight stuffed unicorns in harmony.

  2. lol, killing dragons. I know, I’m against killing them, too. Thats why the Dragons in my book actually try to enslave humanity for treating them bad. In case you are interested:

    [link removed- if you wish to see content, visit URL]

    it’s about space dragons, something people haven’t tried before!

  3. I’m playing Skyward Sword instead, so…

  4. I love dragons, in case you haven’t noticed. And while we’re on the subject, how are you doing on Eragon?

    • Haven’t gotten as far in it as I’ve hoped; but it’s on my list of things to read. Actually, it’s on the top. It’s just taking longer than I anticipated.

      • Keep going, just like the Energizer bunny.
        *Product-promotion voice*
        Does your book move slowly? Does it give you error messages? Blue screens? Then it’s time for you to get…
        Upgrade my book! It’s quick, and it’s only five dollars a minute for your book to be moving like brand new again! Just give Liam your credit card number and he’ll do the rest.

  5. Dragons are awesome! Have you seen my picture ;) ? I want to draw them.. but they are hard!!

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