[Editing] The Game Plan of This Whole Thing.

Dearest Reader;

I have undertaken a very dangerous task.

I may not have mentioned this earlier; but I have begun revising my Camp NaNoWriMo novel from the great month of July.

While this may seem tame to some, I assure you, to the Great Queen Coffee, the task is not only life-threatening, but extremely intimidating, due to the fact that I have never done anything like it before, and am making up my revision process as I go along.

And so, dear reader, here is my (very, very rough draft, as I am making this all up) game plan for this whole “revising” deal:

First: read the story, make notes of each scene on notecards, make notes on a lined sheet of paper of inconsistancies and problems to address. MAKE NO CHANGES.

Second: Merge the method explained in “No Plot? No Problem!” by Chris Baty (OH MY GOSH, WHY DO I KEEP WRITING ‘CHRIST BATY’?? >.<) with Lectin’s method, and lay out the cards, rearranging scenes, taking them away and adding new ones.

Third: Take things a chapter at a time. Write in new scenes, delete the old ones, etc.

Fourth: read it through again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Fifth: BETA READERS! :D <– This is the step that will push me through, because I’m excited to finally let someone read one of my lengthy works of fiction. Drop me a line at coffeethewriter@gmail.com if you’re interested in reading it when it’s ready!

-is really excited-

Anyway, that’s the plan. Hopefully, I can come up with more in-depth steps; or something, anyway.



6 comments on “[Editing] The Game Plan of This Whole Thing.

  1. I kinda want to read the unedited version of your this year NaNo. *nods* you should send me that.

  2. EEE… I’m helping. But internet sucks so I won’t email you… just post here.

    In January I start editing my NaNo’09 novel… to say the least… it sucks. BUT… I don’t care. I’ll reread it, strip away everything that’s not completely necessary, and then rewrite it. Then send to beta-readers.

  3. I always write Christ Baty too. It’s strange, how he has insinuated himself into our religious lives.

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