Well, guys, I have a confession to make:

I am incredibly lazy when it comes to my writing.

I mean, when I start writing, I can go on and on for thousands of words. But when I’m just starting out, or am staring at something that I have to add to (as I am now), I get lazy. I procrastinate. I think of everything but the project that I should be working on.

See, I don’t really think there’s a such thing as ‘writer’s block’, but I do think that there’s a such thing as procrastination and laziness. And that’s my problem right now.

I have to write a completely new chapter for the Camp NaNo novel that I’m editing; and I don’t know where to start. So instead of doing something productive, I’ve decided to diagnose myself with this so-called ‘Writer’s Block’, and I’m going to post on how to overcome it.

And so:

Some Ideas on Ways to Overcome ‘Writer’s Block’:

  • Talk to Pikachu. In the care package that I got from the gorgeous Melly this year, I was given a stuffed Pikachu. And really guys, it helps to hear yourself talk about whatever it is that’s stopping you from writing the scene or chapter or whatever, and brainstorm out loud.
  • Take a shower, and dress up. Writing… It’s like a job. There are days when I can write in my pajamas and with my hair a mess, but those are the days that I know what I’m doing. If I’m stuck, I take a shower, wash my hair, brush my teeth, and change into something nice. It helps me feel… I don’t know, professional. :P
  • Write something. Even if it’s a pointless and completely unhelpful blog post like this. (:
  • Make it crap. Whoever said what you wrote had to be good? I think that my problem, right now, is that I’m scared to write crap, because I’m in the ‘revising’ phase and this is the part when it should be getting *better*, right? WRONG. WRITE THE CRAP DOWN. MAKE IT TERRIBLE. Even if you have to come back and re-edit it. At least you’ll have a start.
  • Do Push-Ups. Well, maybe you should try this part *before* your shower and pretty clothes. But seriously: you may or may not be spending hours in front of your computer screen, trying to work out that specific scene or chapter or whatever. I know I am. The physical activity gets the brain flowing; and brain flow=better ideas= less time staring at a blank page, and more time typing.
  • Do nothing. If none of that works, do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Don’t listen to music, don’t check the clock, don’t do anything. Open MS Word or whatever you use, and stare at the screen. No music. Turn off the internet. Just stare at the screen. Eventually, you’ll want to do something; and what a coincidence, writing is something. (:

Anyway. Hope that helped anyone who needed it. I certainly needed it. >.<

Love you guys<3



11 comments on “STUCK HERE.

  1. When John Green was asked about how he overcomes WB he said: “Well, I just tell myself that coal miners aren’t allowed to have coal miners’ block, so I’m not allowed to get writers’ block. I also give myself permission to suck.”

    I like that guy.

  2. Oh! I’d forgotten about Pikachu! :D <3

  3. Good tips. I like them better than most I see, which say, “Seek your inner energy source and hum softly, imagining that you are above average and can talk to the writing spirits.” Fortunately, I don’t get writer’s block. I get brainstorming block.

  4. I agree with turn off the Internet- hmm what am I doing online right now? heheheh

  5. It’s wierd, I use all this stuff almost all the time already when I get Writer’s Block. Thanks for the random follow!

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