There’s Gon’ Be a Few Changes ‘Round Here…


I wanted everyone here to know this: 2012 is going to be a big year. For ALL OF US. It’s going to be awesome, I promise.

And because this new year is going to be so amazing, this here blog is going to have to work pretty hard to catch up on the awesome meter.*

And so, I’m making a few… changes… that will be effective as of the start of the new year.

Change Number One: The Posting Schedule.

Okay, guys, I’m sorry, I really am, but I can’t keep up with this whole ‘a post every day’ thing anymore. So: I’m starting a new posting schedule.

Instead of the SMTWTFS posting method, I’ll post new context on Saturdays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The running blog serial (currently, it’s The Never Ending War) will continue to be posted every other Sunday.

Change Number Two: The Appearance.

I really, really like my theme. I’m comfortable with it, and changing my theme will just completely throw me off; but I did want to have something different. So as you can see (or maybe you can’t), I have a new header. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE. See, it’s not just *THIS* header. If you click on other stuff and other pages, you might see OTHER headers. I have a total of… four, I believe. They’re completely random. You’ll see them, they’re very pretty.

AND SHOUTOUT to Wreaking Havoc for the birthday present of a city at night with the words “So, how was your weekend?” on it, because it doubled as one of my headers and it’s probably my favorite.

Change Number Three: The Actual Content.

I tend to ramble.

This is a fact of life, and I can’t help it. I tend to go on and on about nothing in particular, and sometimes it makes people uncomfortable, but I don’t care. My writing is sometimes choppy (like when I’m tired) and I try really hard not to, but I often misspell words. And I tend to restate things multiple times.

That’s my writing. I don’t know. It’s raw, unedited (most of the time), and just … me. Take it or leave it.

But I do tend to go on about topics that don’t really mean much to anyone; I hope to change that within the new year. I don’t want just random, slice-of-life posting anymore. I mean, I still want that, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t want JUST that. I want more writing to pop up here and there, and I want to give some tips on how I work.

And book/video game/computer game reviews. Those are fun.



Change Number Four: Longer Posts.

I don’t like long posts, to be honest. I get bored. People tend to ramble (not all of them, but yeah, some of them).

But guys, I’m doing Milwordy this year. I need all the words I can get.

And I’m tired of hit-and-run 100-word blurbs. So I want to average my posts to 300+ words. Not too long, not to short, right? Right.

Change Number Five: Yeah.

There is no change number five. I just like nice numbers, and five is a nice number.


*the awesome meter is a real thing. It looks like this:

The Awesome Meter



2 comments on “There’s Gon’ Be a Few Changes ‘Round Here…

  1. Yaay! Coffee is using metafictional devices! High five for metafiction! *Misses ‘Fee’s hand* *Accidentally breaks the fourth wall*

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