Okay, guys! Well. It’s the very last day of 2011. And I thought that we’d honor that with site statistics. Plus, it’s too late for me to do anything better (sorry).

So! As of 6:52 PST on December 31st, 2011, the Here Be Faries Blog Statistics are as follows:

There have been 4,170 total views all-time, and 141 views on my busiest day, October 10th, 2011.

There have been 143 posts, 748 comments, and this blog maintains 40 blog followers (WHICH MAKES ME SO INSANELY PROUD. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW).

There are records. For the comments, I mean.

First off, my top three  most-commented posts were the Teens Can Write Too post on Strange Search Terms with 20 comments, and Comment Contest Winner and Why I Love the OLL tying for second, with 19 comments each.

So far, I’ve made 300 comments (which makes sense, becauase I reply to about 90% of the comments made by other people). But the big winner that’s not me is Liam, Head Phil from http://www.insideliamsbrain.wordpress.com, with 83 comments. Runners-up are wreakinghavoc from the blog http://correctingpenswelcome.wordpress.com with 75 comments, and The Queen Melkyre, with 59 comments, who doesn’t have a blog but should know that I love her.

And Liam— I should give you a prize, if you’re reading this. So let’s talk; because you’re top commenter! Whoot!

So yeah. This post was pretty much just to brag about my blog. I’d be nothing with you<3(:



5 comments on “End-Of-The-Year

  1. thank you for the shout out, for the amazing shoutout, i love you!

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