The Never Ending War isn’t happening today. Next week, promise.



11 comments on “Update

  1. Argh! Write, write, write! I understand if you don’t have the time, though… Periodicals are hard to write, so you deserve a hearty round of applause.
    (I was wondering, being the slightly conceited Phil I am, what would one do to be mentioned in tNEW? Not that I’m suggesting anything…)

    • They’re very hard to write. And I, unfortunately, had all the time in the world… and then no time at all. >>”
      And I use the screen-names of my online writing group, Write Write and Write, so I suppose one would have to be part of it. Otherwise you’d be the main character, dearest!

      • Whatevz. We all know I’m the secret main character. you know. In all the fan fiction and underground chapter going around…

  2. Lies! Why do you insist on spoiling my hopes and dreams?

  3. Fee dear, you haven’t uploaded that extra snippet I wrote for you. I thought you were going to do that ages ago.

    -vaguely disappointed-

    • I still have to do a bit of the fact-changing, but it will be up soon. In fact, it’ll probably go up in place of Chapter Seven this Sunday (which I still haven’t written). >.<

      I've just been so busy this week. IT WILL BE UP SOON.

  4. Sad face. :(

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