I’m Mostly Back

So here is a list of what I’ve done since I disappeared on Sunday:


  • Turned in an English project that was supposed to be due the Wednesday before, but the deadline got pushed back due to the fact that we didn’t have school.
  • Did 2 hours worth of homework.
  • Celebrated my amazing father’s birthday. He’s pretty cool. (:


  • Overslept.
  • Took a test that I completely FAILED. And then I stressed about it for a while, and then my teacher told us that we were supposed to fail. I was so mad. >.<


  • Overslept.


  • Overslept
  • Tried to write Chapter Seven of the Never Ending War, and failed. Then I tried again and failed again. So I don’t think that that specific chapter is going up this Sunday, but I do have a surprise for you guys. ^.^ You’re going to love it.
  • Algebra. >>”
  • Went to a basketball game. That was fun. Well, not really, because the team I was rooting for lost pretty bad. :(


  • COMPLETELY overslept. As in, 2-hours-late-for-school oversleeping. That was CRAZY. And I didn’t even feel rested when I woke up. >>”
  • Tried to write Chapter Seven again. Failed. Yet again.

So yeah. I’ve kind of been ignoring everything, not just you guys. I’M SO SORRY.


-dances by herself-



11 comments on “I’m Mostly Back

  1. Am I invited to the party? :) I should do a blog post like this one when I’m gone for a long time.

  2. maybe i should’ve sent you a good alarm clock?

  3. Maybe you need a new sleeping schedule?

  4. Definitely party! And I can’t– I can’t wa– I can’t wait for– I can’t wait for the– I can’t wait for the sur-surprise! I can’t wait-t so much th-at I’m hy– I’m hyperve– I’m– I’M HAVING A HEART ATTACK! Urk!

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